Notes Productions Felt Piano

Notes Productions Felt Piano

This Poole piano belonged to Matt Nantel's great grandmother.

The 88 notes of this piano were sampled with the sustain pedal down at only one velocity. Some release keys were also sampled. Some t-shirt parts stapled on a long stick were inserted between the hammers and the strings to give that felt sound.

Because of it age, the low strings are dead and the piano is also a little bit untuned. But this is what makes it beauty.

The magics in it sounds appears when you blend the stereo AKG 414 microphones and with the mono Placid Audio Copperphone as an FX microphone. You can blend at your taste between the two microphones where the latest microphone brings that old vibes to this piano sound.

Price: Free

Download this sound in Kontakt format

Whooshes Sound FX Pack


  • More than 200 sound elements in wave 48 Khz, 16 bits format.
  • 67 different whoosh/swish sounds.
  • Many panning effects for each sound.
  • 100% royalty free for all productions.
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  • Whooshes Sound FX Pack


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