Notes Productions - Post Production Services


The perfect sound for your projects

Whether for a commercial ad, a corporate video for TV shows, web series or for short and feature films, we offer an audio post production service tailored to your needs.

Audio Post Production

Sound is an art that fascinates us deeply! We love to create new sounds and building sonic atmospheres. We bing the details to refine your project and make them stand out.

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Music Composition

Finding the right music for your project is an important step. Our creativity and our versatility will leave a trace in the imagination of your listeners, either in the greatest simplicity or in the richness of an orchestration of the most elaborate.

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Recording Studio

The Notes Productions studio has a professional and warm environment. The recording step is critical. It is the raw material, the foundation on which we build. The acoustics of our studio offer superior quality, whether for recording voices or instruments.

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